The inventory report:

This report records the condition of your property, as well as the condition of all fixtures, fittings and furnishings. The document includes photographs of each individual room and outside areas, as well as areas of particular interest, for example valuable items or areas of damage. Meter readings, keys and cleanliness are also recorded.

The check in report:

For this report, the inventory clerk guides the tenant through the inventory report point by point before both parties sign the Check In document, so confirming its accuracy. It also allows the tenant the opportunity to raise any areas of concern or any issues that require immediate attention.

Papoose Property Services also offers the opportunity to combine the Inventory Report and the Check In service into one appointment at a discounted price.

The check out report:

On completion of the tenancy the condition of the property is compared to that recorded on the original inventory report. Any discrepancies, meter readings and cleanliness are recorded, as well as keys being collected.

The property (or interim) visit:

This report records the general condition of the property, as well as identifying any issues that require urgent attention. Again the document contains photographs of each room and outside spaces, as well as areas of particular interest. The visit also allows an opportunity to check that the tenants are abiding by the terms of the tenancy agreement and maintaining the property in a satisfactory manner. This kind of report is also recommended where work has been carried out on the property since the original Inventory Report was prepared.